What is My StPhilip?

 is a secure web site that provides SPPC members with 24/7 access to the church directory,
their StPhilip member profile and serving attributes. Any member of SPPC can create a MyStPhilip login. 

Once registered, you can:
  • View the StPhilip church directory & look up member contact information
  • Edit your own record in the StPhilip database
  • Edit your serving attributes so you can learn about opportunities to serve
  • Check your giving history

Step 1: First Time Users


Signing in to Access ACS for the first time:
When you click or tap the emailed link to the secure AccessACS database, you will first arrive at the sign-in screen.

Click or tap the "Click here" link next to Need a Login?


Step 2:


At the next screen (Account Sign Up), enter the email address at which you receive church communications,
and your first and last name.

Then click or tap Find Me.  


  > see more detailed info  


What information can I access in the church directory?
You can only access profile information that the member has released to be published in the printed StPhilip directory (preferred contact information). You cannot see other members' unlisted phone numbers or email addresses. For security purposes, we make all email and cell phone information for MINOR children unlisted.

Will my contact information be searchable/visible by the public?
MyStPhilip is a secure website, and can only be accessed by StPhilip members with verified logins. It is not searchable or accessible to the public. Only you can see your FULL profile and contribution history. No other members can see your 'unlisted' contact information.

Can I change my profile information through MyStPhilip?
You can use MyStPhilip to request changes your contact information.

For your protection, when you edit your profile online a change request is sent to the Office Manager. Once the request has been approved, your profile will be updated. Change requests are processed during regular StPhilip office hours


By joining My StPhilip you can get the Church Directory on your phone


1. Once your MyStPhilip profile is completed...
2. Download the "Church Life" App on your phone
3. Input your username & password (same as MyStPhilip)

You're ready!


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