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      Drive-Thru Voting is available in Harris County.

Texas Secretary of State Elections Division

Harris Votes (Harris County only) or

League of Women Voters of Texas
including links to state election centers

Texas Impact
Texas Impact receives annual donations from the Peacemaking
Committee’s budget


How do I check my voter registration?

How do I know if I qualify for mail-in/absentee ballots?

How do I apply, and when’s the deadline?

When do I need to have my ballot ready?

View the complete information:

If I decide I don’t want to vote by mail, what are my options?

Can’t someone steal my mail-in ballot? Or fake one?

Oh, and where’s your nearest mailbox?:


Poll workers:

  • Can get paid somewhere around $15 per hour, depending
    on your role and where you work

  • Can work shifts during the early voting period, or on Election Day
    from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. (potentially later if the lines are long)

  • Don’t have to be 18! Texas has a student poll worker program that allows for high school students 16 or older to serve as election clerks across the state. Students receive pay for working the polls, and the program helps young people get involved in the electoral process. Students can also claim community service hours —
    and a boost to their resume!

Must complete an online training course. For more information, and to register, visit the Texas Secretary of State Online Poll Worker Training Program at:

Training is available free of charge, 24/7, for all poll workers.
You can take the training anytime and anywhere you have internet access, using your computer or mobile device.


Election Clerks and Election Law Clerks
(a position for law students or attorneys)
Help ensure that elections run smoothly by greeting voters, managing lines, checking IDs and registration status, or ensuring that no one is overstepping the bounds of the law.

These positions pay $17 an hour and are needed for Election Day (November 3) or any day during Early Voting (October 13 to 30).

Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges open and close polling locations, recruit staff, oversee polling location operations, and pick up and drop off voting equipment and supplies.

Both are paid positions: Alternate Judges receive $17 an hour and Presiding Judges are paid $20 an hour (Election Day only).

For more information on these positions
or to apply
, go to
or to your county website if outside Harris County.


If being an Election Clerk or Judge sounds like too much responsibility, consider being a Poll Watcher. Poll Watchers serve a two-hour volunteer shift at a designated polling site to ensure that election activities are running with integrity, and report any issues to the team of Voter Protection attorneys.

Candidates, parties on the ballot, or political groups that have registered with the state appoint Poll Watchers, so contact the party or candidate of your choice if you would like to volunteer. Poll Watchers are needed on Election Day (November 3) or any day of Early Voting (October 13 to 30).

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